Benefit From Hosting Tournaments & Events

United RPA Course Membership entitles a private disc golf course to host United RPA Qualifying Tournaments and other United RPA sanctioned Special Events.

Member Courses reap the financial benefits of planning and hosting these tournaments and events, and gain recognition, visits and loyalty from United RPA members.

To help grow the sport, players in your Course's Qualifying Tournaments need not be United RPA Player Members, but if they win in their Age Bracket and want to play in the United RPA World Recreational Championships, they must become a United RPA Player Member.

If an Age Bracket winner at the World Recreational Disc Golf Championships got their Qualifying Low Score at one of your Qualifying Tournaments, your Course will also receive recognition! Member Courses will be able to take pride in helping United RPA take Recreational Disc Golf For All Players to THE NEXT LEVEL!

Benefit From Scheduling & Marketing

Member Courses work with Highbridge Hills Sports Complex and other Member Courses to create the yearly schedule of United RPA Qualifying Tournaments and Special Events, and to identify marketing resources for these tournaments and events. 

Member Courses submit an Information Listing with Pictures which will be posted on this website, along with links to the Member Course website and social media pages.

Member Courses identify United RPA Player Member benefits at their course, which will be listed on their Member Course Information Listing on this website.

Member Courses submit information about their United RPA tournaments, member events, and other member news for posting on the Calendar and Latest News on this website.

Member Courses receive Course Membership on the United RPA Facebook Discussion Group.