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First Annual United RPA World Recreational Disc Golf Championships!

  • Highbridge Hills Sports Complex 68446 Mile Road Highbridge, WI, 54846 United States (map)

Get set for a fun and challenging experience with a new format unheard of in disc golf!

The Championships are held at Highbridge Hills Sports Complex in Highbridge Wisconsin! These Championships are played in a truly recreational environment at the world's largest and finest disc golf facility!

Participate in our Qualifying Tournaments or play Qualifying Rounds at Highbridge Hills to earn an invitation to the very first United RPA World Recreational Disc Golf Championships! For these 2017 Championships 50% of the participants will come from the membership at large, and 50% from Low Scores earned at our tournaments or in qualifying rounds. Become a member now!

  • Special invitations to the Championships will be issued in early July.
  • Membership in United RPA is required in order to compete.
  • Tournament cost will be $150 per participant, payable to United RPA by August 1. (Use the Highbridge Hills address to pay by check, or the United RPA website to pay by credit card. Website payment capability will be added at a future date.)
  • Tournament is a month long tournament. You can play/camp up to any 7 days of the month. Days of play do not have to be contiguous.
  • A World's Recreational Long Distance Throw and a Putting Contest will be included in your registration.
  • Please text Highbridge Hills to arrange for your visit(s) to compete in the Championships. Please register at the office when you arrive.
  • You must play all 10 courses, including the night/cosmic course.
  • You can play singles, doubles and mixed doubles for a World's Championship Title in each Age Bracket.
  • Recreational, casual attire is acceptable for all play.
  • Smoking is allowed on the courses.
  • Players are allowed to bring beverages/snacks of their choice on the courses.
  • No 2-meter rule, no foot-fault rule, and no out-of-bounds distinction (play your disc where it lies), our water hazards are playable.
  • All discs are playable.
  • Township and County roads are out of play.
  • * Rules of play are subject to change.
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