A Vision of a Disc Golf Mecca

At the turn of the twenty-first century John Jokinen began to plan a Disc Golf Mecca on his beautiful 400 acre property in Northern Wisconsin — a lovely, almost untouched land situated in the Penokee Mountains near Highbridge Wisconsin, overlooking the Marengo Valley with distant views of Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

John, who believes fervently that access to nature is necessary for the physical and mental health of individuals of all ages, wanted to share his inheritance with others. He was convinced that "if he built it, they would come". So he created a disc golf complex that would give disc golfers access to challenging play and contemplation among the forests, hills, rock outcroppings, valleys, and meadows of his family homestead. Visitors to his "Mecca" are treated to views of distant vistas, blue water, gorgeous sunsets, starlit skies and northern lights, along with glimpses of the birds and wildlife living on or visiting his land.

As it turned out he was right! Highbridge Hills Sports Complex, with 10 eighteen-hole professional level courses placed lovingly throughout the property, has hosted tens of thousands of disc golfers and numerous private tournaments — including the 2005 and 2006 Mid-Nationals and the 2007 Pro World Championships — and continues to attract disc golfers and nature lovers alike.

The New "Recreational" Disc Golf Player

During this period John watched disc golf grow from a young man's sport to one pursued by both genders, with players of all ages and abilities. Disc golf truly has become a lifetime sport for everyone!  Even the "professional" disc golf players start and end as "recreational" players.

Observing this growth and change, John recognized the need for a national organization that caters to the "recreational disc golf player" — an organization to host more casual, group- and family-centered competitions — tournaments with minimal rules, realistic player packages and evenly distributed payouts to players of both genders and all ages.

Taking on the leadership needed to make this happen, John founded the United Recreational Players Association LLC in 2015, and is now working to promote its growth.

John invites you to get in at the beginning of this new organization, the United Recreational Players Association, "United RPA", and help it grow and flourish!

Join now and support fun and friendly competition for All Recreational Disc Golf Players now and into the future!



Recreational Disc Golf Players Unite!