Membership Benefits

United RPA Player Members play for a Special Invitation to the World Recreational Disc Golf Championships held at Highbridge Hills Sports Complex every year! You can qualify with a Low Score in your Age Bracket at our Qualifying Tournaments (see Calendar), or with a Low Score from a $5 Qualifying Round played on any course when you visit Highbridge Hills — you must play a Qualifying Round on each of the 10 courses — ask for details when you check in to play. Qualifying Rounds are playable through June 18th, 2017 for the first Championships to be held in August 2017.

In addition to earning qualifying Low Scores, United RPA Player Members can earn a Special Invitation to the World Recreational Disc Golf Championships in other ways. In this, the 2016-2017 founding season, a group of the First Individuals to Sign Up for Membership will receive Special Invitations to this year's event, so join now to become one of this Special Group of Founding Members! Fifty percent of the participants in the 2017 first annual United RPA World Recreational Disc Golf Championships will come from qualifying Low Scores in our tournaments or rounds, and fifty percent will come from the our founding membership.

In the future, United RPA Member Courses will hold a variety of Qualifying Tournaments for United RPA Player Members throughout the year. We welcome your ideas for special tournaments! Check our Calendar and Latest News to learn about upcoming Qualifying Tournaments!

We will also plan Special Events for United RPA Player Members at our United RPA Member Courses throughout the year. Check our Calendar and Latest News for upcoming United RPA Special Events. 

United RPA Player Membership vests you in Exclusive United RPA Member Benefits provided at all of our United RPA Member Courses. At Highbridge Hills Sports Complex, United RPA Player Members are entitled to reserve golf carts, lodging and campsites, which are usually available only on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Membership Gift Package:

A United RPA Membership Certificate

A United RPA Membership Card

A Bag Tag With Your Membership Number

A Special Disc

A Special United RPA Mini

A United RPA T-Shirt

Membership in United RPA Facebook Discussion Group

(The Membership Gift Package will ship within 30 days from signup.)