How Our Qualifying Tournaments Work

United RPA holds a variety of Qualifying Tournaments for members throughout the year, including singles tournaments, doubles tournaments, mixed doubles tournaments, assorted family tournaments, team tournaments, high school championships, college and college alumni championships, club tournaments, and a variety of other special tournaments.

When you play in a United RPA Qualifying Tournament, there is no ratings system — instead you compete for a Low Score in the Age Bracket for your gender. Play is more "recreational", so you can bring your friends and family along to join in the fun!

Play every year and become a Champion in Each Age Bracket!

Our World Championship Tournament Payouts are Realistic and Equal across genders and age groups:  e.g., $1000 to win, with Graduated Payouts for 2nd place on down, based on number of players.

Qualification for the first annual World Recreational Disc Golf Championships held in August 2017 is based on Low Scores earned at our three Qualifying Tournaments (see Calendar). In addition, you can play a $5 Qualifying Round on any course at Highbridge Hills any time you visit — you must play a Qualifying Round on each of the 10 courses at Highbridge Hills — Qualifying Rounds for the first Championships are playable through June 18th, 2017 — ask for details when you check in at the course office.

Play at the World Recreational Disc Golf Championships is by Special Invitation — in addition to the Low Scores qualifying system, your United RPA Player Membership number will be a qualifying consideration during the 2016-2017 founding season (50% of the players will come from the membership), so join now to get a low membership number!

Age Brackets for Each Gender

Ages 13–18

Ages 19–26

Ages 27–33

Ages 34–40

Ages 41–50

Ages 51–61

Ages 62–and beyond